Research Topics

Our main resarch topics are mesoscopic systems,
which consists of superlattice and thin films of
semiconductor, metals and superconductors,
often decorated by microfabrications.
The aim is to seek for quantum mechanical transport phenomena
in low temperature and high magnetic field.
Resarch activities are done in close collaboration with Katsumoto group.

Sorry! Some of the contents below are written in Japanese.
English version will arrive very soon!

Two-Dimensional Systems under Spatial Modulation

Weiss oscillation & e-e scattering in 2D system (Kato)

2D electrons in very short periodic potential (Endo)

2D electrons in random magnetic field (Ando)

Superconducting network in sign-alternating flux (Ito)

Point contact in fractional quantum Hall liquid (Ando)

Transport of 2D electrons in magnetic barriers (Hara)

Multilayered Systems

Chiral sheathstate of multilayer quantum Hall systems (Kawamura)

Angular dependent magnetoresistance oscillation (ADMRO) (Kawamura)

Field-induced electronic phase transition in graphite (Yaguchi)

Oxide Superconductors (Iye)

Magnetic Semiconductors

Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors (Oiwa)

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